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Tip#1: Spread the Meals
Eat more often in frequency but with less portion size each meal. This is one killer way for you to lose weight fast.  When meals are spread over a period of time, it would cause your body to get into a rapid fat burning state that would enable you to lose the weight you want. Eating 5-10 meals per day in small portions can really make a huge difference when you are trying to lose weight.

Tip#2:  Drink juices
Fruit juices are absolutely delicious and refreshing and they make a wonderful addition too the arsenal of weapons that a dieter can use to help them lose weight. Apple juices and lemon are great in the morning and when a dash of apple cider vinegar is added to the drink, it makes a powerful weight loss cocktail that can help you reduce more fat!

Tip#3: Negative Calorie Food
Find all you can negative calorie food and how it can help you lose weight. Negative calorie food is great as it would tend to burn off more fat than the ones you are supplying the body with due to its low calorie count. Some examples of negative calorie food would include vegetables fruits and other types of foods that are low in calorie count.

Tip#4: Calorie Cycling
Calorie cycling is a technique used by bodybuilders to help remove fat in the body before an upcoming competition, By tricking your body into thinking you are not dieting, it helps to remove more fat than normal dieting would,. Combine this with a negative calorie diet and you are on your way to rapid weight loss.

Tip#5: Protein

Protein is a food that is highly thermogenic, which means that it would burn off more energy when processed by the body to be turned into usable form. By adding protein into or meal, you can burn off fat faster than if you have include carbs on the list.

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